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Eline Rootsaert
«Out of chaos comes innovation… or more chaos»

Triangle brief


A VERY HAPPY 2018 !!!


Saturn has just entered its familiar sign of Capricorn and will remain there until 2020.

Time then, to make plans for the here and now and to execute them with patience, diligence and a fair amount of toil. No pain, no gain!🤯

Doing so prepares you for Saturn entering Aquarius in March 2020 and allows you to avoid unpleasant surprises and move with the times – Saturn rules Aquarius together with Uranus.🤓

Over Christmas the Moon is in Pisces, which is fortunate for those who appreciate being invited to Christmas dos with a well-stocked bar. Some idle banter and even some chaos are to be expected, but keep it civilized and put the noxious Mars-Jupiter duo to bed in time.

Over New Year’s Eve, the Moon being in Gemini may cause exuberant but harmless chat as long as that incendiary Scorpio couple doesn’t do its thing. So be vigilant if you don’t want to wake up on New Year’s day with a hangover and repeated pangs of shame.

Sweet holidays,




© SVA Eline Rootsaert.


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Triangle brief

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