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Eline Rootsaert
«Out of chaos comes innovation… or more chaos»

Triangle brief


? MERRY 2019! ?

Capricornus o Capricornus!

Distinguished, delightfully civil and courtly, but sadly also conservative and penny-pinching too.

Capricorn women are classic beauties and superb hostesses who stand by their man, their sons, their business and their household, that is if they are not on the couch suffering from a burn-out.

Capricorn men are the industrials and bankers of the zodiac, true gentlemen and by far the best lovers too, that is if they don’t have to catch a plane, planning yet another merger.

Are they all related to the House of Medici and Machiavelli then? Of course not!

Capricorn men and women are the actual guardians of social order and civilization, the cornerstones of all entrepreneurship and management in the world and continually keeping our finger on the pulse of reality.

Capricorn men and women are the best managers, real estate agents, classic pianists, event planners, protectors of cultural heritage and family rights and often all at once!

Go Capricornus!

© SVA Eline Rootsaert.

Art by Helma Stevens


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Triangle brief

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